Gentle Holistic Approach to Physical & Emotional Pain

Dr. Sergei
Dr. Sergei

With 40 years of experience as a medical doctor, acupuncturist and healer, I have served patients worldwide. I strive to find the underlying causes of a disease, taking into account mind-body dynamics and relationships. Combined healing techniques have helped adults and children achieve a state of physical emotional and spiritual well-being.

I have successfully applied my gentle holistic approach in the treatment of physical and emotional disorders such as

  • Pain from joint, back, neck, carpal tunnel syndrome, and TMJ
  • Illness and allergic reactions
  • Addictions to substances including sugar cravings
  • Anxiety, depression and insomnia
  • Gynecological disorders and metabolic imbalances
  • Common childhood disorders
  • Energy problems in living and working spaces

My intention is to be a part of the on-going healing of the planet and to strive for a better tomorrow by improving life and health of my patients through a Gentle Holistic Approach 


My Gentle and Personal Approach to Healing

Dr. Sergei Shaginyan integrates different healing techniques while working with his clients individually to help them find their own path of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. He draws on his 30 years of experience as a trained doctor and healer to be the professional guide that the individual patient requires. He works with his clients in his office or remotely. Long distance healing can be transferred to any distance. Spiritual healing goes beyond symptoms; it addresses and heals the causes of an imbalance or physical discord.

Treatments Offered

Healing Solutions & Relief of Imbalances

  • Neuritis, neuropathies, sciatica pain, “frozen shoulder”, “tennis elbow”, back and neck pain, carpal tunnel & TMJ
  • Digestive disorders
  • Gynecological disorders
  • Addictions such as smoking, alcohol and drug abuse and sugar cravings
  • Allergies and allergic reactions
  • Anxiety, depression and insomnia
  • Relationship problems, family dysfunction and conflicts
  • Energy problems in living and working spaces contributing to dis-ease
  • Common childhood behavioral disorders, fears and anxieties


  1. Acupuncture, Herbs and Energy Healing – Relieve physical and energetic aspects of suffering. Good quality acupuncture needles and organic or pesticide-free herbal medicine is used custom-made and in standard herbal formulas.
  2. Nutrition – Fine-tune the body with proper eating substances and habits.
  3. Vibration Series Technique™ – Affect all layers of the underlying causes of an affliction.
  4. Homeopathy and Aromatherapy – Change the more subtle levels.
  5. Music, Prayers and Chanting –  Clears negative energy and aids spiritual development.
  6. Evaluation of Living Space – Places with numerous energy problems have been found to contribute to high incidences of serious diseases.
  7. Remote Healing – It is not always necessary to be physically present to experience healing, energy can be transmitted to any distance.
  8. Radioesthesia – Used to select compatible supplements and herbs, as well as for diagnostic purposes.
  9. Additional Diagnostic Tools – Face, pulse, tongue diagnosis or iridology will be used.


  • Physics and Energy Medicine: Fourteen weeks course incorporating essentials of physics and energy medicine for the acupuncture students. Yo-San University of Oriental Medicine.
  • Anatomy and Physiology I: Fifteen weeks course on aspects of Anatomy and Physiology. American University of Complementary Medicine.
  • Mind-Body Healing Techniques: Fifteen weeks course on different aspects of mind-body medicine. Theoretical knowledge, as well as practical tools are taught to the students. American University of Complementary Medicine.
  • Comparative Nutrition: Fifteen weeks course on different nutritional systems of the world, such as Ayurvedic, Macrobiotic, Chinese, Blood Type and many others with comparative analysis of them. American University of Complementary Medicine.
  • Intro to Non-Invasive Holistic Diagnostic Techniques: Different diagnostic techniques, employed by alternative medicine practitioners and traditional healers around the world. Course includes meridian diagnosis, iridology, dowsing and many other useful diagnostic tools. American University of Complementary Medicine.
  • Intro to Western Herbology: Fifteen weeks course on Western herbs (with the accent on Russian herbal medicine) and their application to treatment of different conditions. American University of Complementary Medicine.
  • Acupressure: Fifty hours course on acupressure technique and its application in treatment of different ailments. Institute of Professional Practical Therapy.
  • Chinese Medicine 2: Continuing course of Oriental Medicine theory and diagnosis. Shiatsu School of Massage.
  • Chinese Medicine 3: Advanced course on Oriental Medicine theory and diagnosis. Shiatsu School of Massage
  • Practical Radioesthesia: 8 week course in using dowsing rods and pendulums for finding geopathic stress zones in the environment, water, missing objects and selecting food ingredients/herbs on the individual basis as it is used in many cultures.
  • Basic Nutrition: Eleven weeks class. A study of basic principles of Nutritional Science including the classic nutritional deficiencies and the roles of nutritional components in the various stages of the life cycle. Additional topics include applications to community nutrition and health care. The functions of specific nutrients including their sources from dietary elements are presented. Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine.
  • Clinical Nutrition: Eleven weeks class. This course present applications of Western Clinical Nutrition for the practicing acupuncturist, including diet modification and nutritional supplementation programs for nutritional supplementation and treatment of the major diseases. Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine.


  • The Healing Power of Chanting: Analysis of healing chanting traditions of the world with demonstration in ten languages.
  • The Healing Power of Sound: Practical information about the healing power of sound, music, toning and related topics.
  • Food as Medicine: Seminar on using everyday food and cooking ingredients as medicine in treatment of different diseases, based on Russian folk medicine.
  • Inner Beauty – Outer Beauty: Seminar for women on how to maintain emotional and physical equilibrium and how to take care of various problems which women can face during different periods of life.
  • Cure of Common Ailments: Practical workshop on the cure of the most common ailments using experience of Russian Folk medicine.
  • Essential Herbs For Your Health: The most popular herbs from around the world are discussed with their indications and contraindications. Learn many easy-to-make formulas.
  • Energy Management in Everyday Life: Valuable information about how to protect energy from draining when working with people. Information about using charms and spells also provided.
  • Treatment of Respiratory Disorders: Practical and easy- to- make formulas and recipes on how to treat respiratory disorders using herbs, foods and other naturopathic tools, based on Russian Folk Medicine.
  • Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders: Practical and easy-to-make formulas and recipes on how to treat gastrointestinal disorders through the use of herbs, foods and other naturopathic tools, based on Russian Folk Medicine.
  • Treatment of Cardiovascular Disorders: Practical and easy- to- make formulas and recipes on how to treat Cardiovascular disorders using herbs, foods and other naturopathic tools, based on Russian Folk Medicine.
  • Geopathic stress zones and their influence on the health: Aims to increase your awareness of these zones which is based on scientific research that has been performed in Russia and other countries for the last 50 years Learn about geopathic zones of the Earth’s crust, represented by tectonic faults and underground water streams and their influence on human health, which can lead to higher incidences of heart attacks, cancer, etc. Information about plants, which ones are donors and which are “vampires,” about the specific use of trees and other plants to maintain health and well being.