1. Acupuncture, Herbs and Energy Healing – Relieve physical and energetic aspects of suffering. Good quality acupuncture needles and organic or pesticide-free herbal medicine is used custom-made and in standard herbal formulas.
  2. Nutrition – Fine-tune the body with proper eating substances and habits.
  3. Vibration Series Technique™ – Affect all layers of the underlying causes of an affliction.
  4. Homeopathy and Aromatherapy – Change the more subtle levels.
  5. Music, Prayers and Chanting –  Clears negative energy and aids spiritual development.
  6. Evaluation of Living Space – Places with numerous energy problems have been found to contribute to high incidences of serious diseases.
  7. Remote Healing – It is not always necessary to be physically present to experience healing, energy can be transmitted to any distance.
  8. Radioesthesia – Used to select compatible supplements and herbs, as well as for diagnostic purposes.
  9. Additional Diagnostic Tools – Face, pulse, tongue diagnosis or iridology will be used.